* 1984, Blackforest, is a german media artist, contemporary music composer [dipl.], concept developer and cultural ambassador. He lives and works in Essen. Since 2017 he has been re-composing his wide ranging work in slide compositions and lecture formats - as transmedial narratives along moving images, contemporary music, text, software and experience.

Winkler has won the international sound art prize 'Karl Marx' (BCMG, UK), the ZKM Supercollider Code Marathon and is the initiator and lecturer of the South-Indian/-German Network Konnakol Germany. With his numerous slide compositions on Instagram-Accounts (complete oeuvre on: + augmented 3D Score here), he influences his future works: Portrait in WDR 3 Radio Studio Contemporary Music. Recently he is inventor and transmedial-vibrational element of the 'B.O.R. BACK Oscillator'. In march 2023 Winkler started his youtube podcast deconstructed.stories where he re-composes his modular slide-oeuvre (+ some interesting feeds from collegues and followers are presented there, too).




  06.03.2023    OUT NOW:

  01.03.2023    Erste YouTube-Episode jetzt online!!

  22.12.2022    translocal installation
at: Neue Musik Zentrale Essen, NRW
Interactive Augmented Score: VIRTUAL ANUSHAANT

  22.09.2022    New 'advanced-counting' courses in 11/2022 | NRW, GER:
at: Kunsthaus Essen, LMA NRW, Dreifaltigkeitskirche Borbeck:
Dates & Tickets:

  31.08.2022    4x New:
New Blog on
Interact YOURSELF with my slide-composition No.153: EXIT
New slide-compositions on:

  06.08.2022    Lecture-Performance at 'Ya Festival für aktuelle Musik'
Dreifaltigkeitskirche Essen | Now on
article, videos, documentation

  02.06.2022    article & media published at Kultur- & Designmagazin
'POSTR' | read Quantisiertes Blau here.

  28.02.2022    - NEW UPDATE:
Portrait Interview - WDR 3 'Studio Neue Musik'

  29.03.2022    Konnakol Deutschland Symposium
Kunsthaus Essen - mit B.C. Manjunath






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Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier, Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany, Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Tübingen, ZKM Karlsruhe, Fournos Center Athen, Musica Acoustica Peking, Pact Zollverein, Dreifaltigkeitskirche Borbeck, Folkwang Udk Essen, C.A.R. - Contemporary Art Ruhr, Atelierfrankfurt, Landesmusikakademie NRW


winning soundart-piece at 'Karl Marx - wilde Lieder' international composition competition, 2018 Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, UK | Trier, GER 'tetralemmatic roses for a birthday' - with Elisabeth A. M. Kaiser (vocal performance)
First prize Supercollider-Code-Marathon, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2013 - (live-coding community)


In 2019, Winkler began re-composing his oeuvre as audiovisual 'slide compositions' on social media (Instagram). Each post represents a multi-page work and is telling, documenting, anticipating - about the cybernetic everyday, metaphysics and aesthetics: people and art - people and numbers - people and nature - people and people. A transmedial narrative emerges along autobiographical points in time, streams and archives - in an interplay with presence formats.

Uninspired and inspired by Instagram, Winkler developed 'Maxgram' in 2022, a tool for his lecture performances: an interactive, independent 'feed' offline presentation environment (programmed in MAX/MSP), which only uses the visual 3x3 feed-grid approach from Instagram. There are no followers, ranking algorithms or likes, so the focus relies more on content [See: Maxgram's birthday video]

All 150+ compositions can be seen in full on Instagram:


Using 'Augmented Reality', Winkler's Slide Composition No.153 can now be entered and exited anywhere:

interact here with No.153: EXIT »

+++ NEW [08/2022] +++ ... now composed further on YouTube:


In order to keep them alive, the 'slide compositions' are deconstructed again in different contexts: e.g. in presence lectures (see below) and on different plattforms ...

This graphic illustrates the entire process ("from digital bubble to empiric trouble" - and back ...)




video-podcast | composed transmedial stories
about music, art, love, swiping machines ...
© Johannes Winkler | Essen, Germany | 2023

2 track audio: english & deutsch

YouTube has announced to run this new feature for all video-uploads in 2023 (new audio/language switch option in the video settings). I will add my overdubbed english tracks for each episode as soon as the feature will be available. Stay tuned!

First Episode 'PYRAMIDEN' has started now 03/01/2023 - with feed-guest at the end: John Starosta (*1969 US, Ohio) - contemporary music composer, music theorist, piano teacher [#composer, #artificialintelligence, #piano, #robotics, #extendedpianotechniques] - join & support the channel ...

If you enjoy the podcast and the artform I create - or if you want your own work to be presented in an episode, please show your support by contributing. So I know that you're getting a benefit from it, and can move on and improve things even further on a solid basis. You can support the podcast in 7+ different ways - just do what is suitable for you:

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You are a professional/studying or engaging contemporary composer, -musician, artist, researcher, entrepreneur, philosopher or podcaster? You feel connected to the aesthetics and topics of my work? You would like your own work to be presented by me in an upcoming episode? Then you are ready for the following casting process (currently (2023) chances are quite high):

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score of influence

The score of influence is a 3D object you can directly interact with in your webbrowser (works best in Chrome), and shows the current genesis of the slide-compositions Gesamtkunstwerk. Instead of influencing followers, the primary goal is ... read more & how-to join

START - interact in your browser
3D ROTATE - 1 Finger bewegen
ZOOM - 2 Finger ziehen
MOVE - 2 Finger halten & bewegen
RESET CENTER - 1 Finger Tap in leeren Bereich
AUGMENTIEREN - 'augment it' klicken
RESIZE AUGMENTED - tap Model + 2 Finger ziehen
ROTATE AUGMENTED - 2 Finger halten + drehen
RECORD AUGMENTED - Tap: Photo - Hold: Video

Instead of influencing followers, the primary goal is to influence the creation itself - using Instagram as a kind of sketch-board and repository for my oeuvre. From there, new forms and works are inspired and augmented towards further 'bubbles' like YouTube - as well as the local situation at the here & now (which is a bubble, too), directly in front of my/your nose(s). Also watch some results in the recent Deconstructed.Stories YouTube Episode here.

Send me your interaction with the 3D object as screenshot/video (DM or email) - augmented at your current place, and become a tagged guest in my Insta-Stories on @deconstructed.stories and @wind.musik

Dive into the score

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about the podcast

deconstructed.stories is the new free youtube video-podcast (better: "postcast-") format by composer & media-artist Johannes Winkler (Essen, NRW, Germany) - about music, art, love, swiping machines ... our contemporary life. Re-composing his slide-composition oeuvre and insights into works of benevolent followers. Winkler presents the podcast via his software 'Maxgram': "a 'maximized Instagram' (written in Max) - with transmedial social features."

» involved network: interactive 3D Chip
» Info: 2D Chip

© Johannes Winkler, 2023
Slide-Composition Oeuvre / Repository: | - 2023


In his lecture performances, J. Winkler creates events in the form of lectures and situations. The 'slide compositions' are rearranged / modified around a core theme (and re-integrated later). This generates open learning experiences / 'aesthetic learning contexts'.

examples (video-slides)

2021 - Pact Zollverein, Essen

residency guest-lecture: #SWIPING DIGITS - Integer ratios in music, images and slides - quick runthrough (!)

2018 - Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany

TETRALEMMA KLANG I - Workshop, tamil food, concept soundart, southindian counting-art


Kaiser | Winkler (since 2009)

contralto opera-voice & conceptual electroacustics
composition | performance | installation

Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser
contralto, composer-performer, concept

Johannes Winkler
composition, programming, concept


'Auferstehung Banana' (2019) - for contralto, elektronics and percussion (voice: E.A.M. Kaiser, composition: J. Winkler)

'Tetralemmatic Roses for a Birthday' (2018) - for contralto, roses and elektronics (voice-performance: E.A.M Kaiser / elektroakustic composition: J. Winkler)

'Vogel' (2013) for contralto and tape (composition: J. Winkler video/audio-programming)

'Random Graph' (2009) for 4 singers, video and live-elektronics (J. Winkler video/audio-programming)

Network (seit 2018)

Advanced Carnatic-Rhythm Transfers: Researching & Teaching - Out of Germany, Essen

Infos, videos, team, backgrounds, course dates:

Since 2018, our growing team of experienced southindian and german artists is teaching & researching advanced techniques of counting musical time-structures ('Konnakol' / 'carnatic rhythm'). Inspired also by Rafael Reina's PhD thesis (2014) about the application of special southindian-carnatic rhythm-techniques to the incorporation and creation of complex western (contemporary) music, we developed a course module-system with various contents specialized for typical needs of western musicians, composers, conductors, dancers and music-pedagogues aimed at students/professionals and step-by-step courses for beginners.
We are also working with time-relations between body, mind and software ('Digitus Manus - Digital Counting') and offer a docking station for language- and speech research (neuropsycholinguistics, speechtherapy).

Johannes Winkler - initiator / co-founder / docent / content-creator
Anushaant Nayinai Wijayan - master of mridangam, co-founder of 'Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany'
Magnus Dauner - jazzdrummer
Nagushaant Nayinai Wijayan - advisor/author
Stanko Coaching - therapymaterialien

Further (since 2020)


Research & Development of therapymaterials (Konnakol inspired) - with Anita Stanko (Gestaltpsychotherapist / Speechtherapist (staatl. anerkannt)):

Urbanolix Artobot

local art with Roland Scheel, Nevfel Cumart, Ernest Flatter and more:


* 1984, lives and works as a freelance media artist and composer in Essen. His more recent work explores recursive relationships between 'counting and dreaming' and includes visual, auditory and conceptual works. Since 2017 he has been re-composing his wide-ranging work in lecture performances and audiovisual slide compositions - as artistic research in images / films, text and music.

winning piece - international composition competition 'Karl Marx - wilde Lieder', 'Soundart' - 2018 Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, UK | Trier, GER 'tetralemmatic roses for a birthday' - with Elisabeth A. M. Kaiser (vocal performance) 1st prize Supercollider-Code-Marathon, ZKM Karlsruhe, 2013 - (live-coding community)

Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier, ZKM Karlsruhe, Fournos-Center Athen, Pact Zollverein Essen, Musica-Acoustica Peking, Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Tübingen, Dreifaltigkeitskirche Borbeck, Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany, GNMR Ruhr, C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr

Composition (Dipl.) | Folkwang Udk Essen

Klasse Prof. Dirk Reith, Prof. Thomas Neuhaus, Roman Pfeifer

Self-taught studies at home
TCFA Germany - Grade 4


J. Winkler also teaches privately (composition, classical piano, programming, badisch, tetralemmatic creativity, Konnakol)

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