audiovisual slide compositions

Johannes Winkler, 2019 - 2021 ongoing

the ongoing series 'audiovisual slide compositions' started in 2019 as posts on his instagram-account Each of the compositions consists of 10 pages/slides, including his artworks (music, images, film, texts) and is telling a sequential book-like story. From a daily life perspective as well as from hypothetical views, they are feedbacking and re-inspiring his works of contemporary music & aesthetics, southindian time-counting, sensory-agricultural stimulies, anthropological reasoning, tetralemmatic creativity - and so called 'digital spiritualities' (subjective oriented machine learning).

Below, you can filter and view the 'audiovisual slide compositions'. For all and most recent compositions feel free to follow Mr. Winkler on instagram:


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All compositions in chronological order - as posted on instagram